12 Dogs Who Could Definitely Use Some Alone Time

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Dogs across the world are finding themselves at home with their humans a LOT more than they’re used to and some love it. Others, well… could use a little time to themselves.

Could you at least knock?!

Seriously, a little privacy, please?!


This dog has simply had it with all the walks lately. And in the rain?? What is this all about!

Vacation, STAT!

Somewhere…there’s a tiny glass filled with ice water just WAITING for this dog.


The moment you see your mom coming in for the 1435th kiss of the day. Not.. Another.. Kiss…

Move it or lose it.

I know this is your “exercise time” but usually this would be my “bask in the sun time” so can you get outta my spot please?!

Don’t you dare…

I swear… if you try to steal this chair one more time I WILL poop in your shoe.

Not so subtle.



Can ANYONE close the shades and let this Pug nap in peace?!

No more Zoom.

When you’re in so many zoom calls that you now apparently need glasses and a tie, but really prefer being nekked.

Back to bed it is.

That’s a big nope on today. BACK TO BED.


“Hello, you’ve reached Churro, I can’t come to the zoom call right now so leave me a message. BEEEEEP.”

Let me just slowly melt into this cough right now…

Don’t you dare hold me up to the camera on another call.

If your dog is looking for some alone time too, or can’t get enough of you being home, we want to see! Share photos of your dog on Instagram using #Roverdotcom for the chance to be featured.

In case your dog wants to jump in on the whole “work from home” thing, they may like these:

For when your dog wants to feel like they’ve joined their own meeting.

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