Bored Sportscaster Hilariously Commentates His Dogs Eating Dinner


And they’re off! Sports commentators get stir crazy on lockdown, just like the rest of us. And with nothing else to do, one professional sportscaster is using his powers to bring a little levity to the internet.

All You Need is Dog

UK broadcaster Andrew Cotter, who more typically commentates golf, tennis, rugby matches, and even the Olympics, found inspiration in his beloved Labrador retrievers, Olive and Mabel.

Andrew puts the girls’ food down, then proceeds to give a running commentary of the typical Labrador speed eating, just like a horse race. You’ve got to hear it to believe it. Truly inspired.

Focused. Relentless. Tasting Absolutely Nothing.

Mabel Heavy Tail Use. Everything’s Amazing. Happy to Be Alive

When not on lockdown, you can find Andrew, Olive and Mabel enjoying the mountains and beaches of the United Kingdom, which Andrew shares on his Instagram — give him a follow!

Here are some great shots of Olive and Mabel enjoying their adventures.

Take heart, puppers, you’ll be back out there soon.

Life’s a Beach

Game of Bones

Chasing Waterfalls

And Andrew, thanks for the laugh. Just what the world needs right now!

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