How to Throw a Great Cat Birthday Party: A Step by Step Guide

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Everyone loves a party and what better excuse to throw one than in celebration of your cat? Cats make our lives better in so many ways and a cat birthday party is a chance to thank them for keeping us on our toes, keeping us warm, and keeping us laughing.

Cat birthday parties are a thing, folks, and you aren’t the only one considering throwing one–there are over 85.5k #catbirthday posts on Instagram alone!

If you’d like to celebrate your cat on her special day, here are some tips on throwing an epic, kitty-friendly, cat birthday party.

The Cat Birthday Party Checklist

  1. Consider your cat’s needs
  2. Pick a theme
  3. Get supplies
  4. Let them eat (cat birthday) cake!
  5. Plan activities
  6. Prepare some cat swag bags
  7. Time to unwind

1. Consider Your Cat’s Needs

We all know cats and dogs are truly different beasts. While a dog birthday party would be a truly social event, with lots of people friends and dog friends invited, cats tend to be more solitary creatures–truly, creatures of comfort. So, consider what your cat would be most comfortable with.

You likely won’t be renting out a space to bring your cat to, so think about how many people your cat would be comfortable having in your home and the level of raucousness she can tolerate before throwing her paws up. If she’s amenable, you’ll also want to make sure she’s (or he’s) got a nice birthday outfit to show off, and a bandana or easy-wearing crown s the easy (and cat-friendly) way to go.

As cute as your birthday buddy…also comes for the “birthday boy.”

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The best thing about this crown? It’s reusable and comes with a full set of numbers so you can celebrate your cat over and over and over again.

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2. Pick a Theme

Depending on your cat’s general disposition, your theme could be crotchety, like “grumpy cat” or Francophile, think “le chat noir,” or even cartoon-cute “Hello Kitty.” You really can do whatever your cat will want. One thing to keep in mind is, while balloons are popular birthday party choices, be sure yours stay out of the way of your cat. Claws and balloons don’t mix and really, do you want to give your cat the gift of something that could scare the kitty litter right out of her?

That said, here are some fun cat birthday party-themed decoration options:

This is a great set because those little dangly ribbon cats can double as cat toys when you’re through with them.

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The cats on these garlands look like they’re having as much fun as you’re going to. BONUS: take those balloon letters to the office to explain to folks how you’re feeling about being such a great cat parent.

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For those looking for something classy and Insta-worthy these cat party garlands are a must.

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3. Get Supplies

Since your cat probably won’t be partaking much in the actual festivities, your next step is getting supplies for your human guests.

This table set has pretty much everything you need for a cat birthday party.

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Since all your guests will undoubtedly be cat-lovers, they will undoubtedly want to rock some cat ears.

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For those of you who like creepy cats.

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4. Let Them Eat Cat Birthday Cake!

You will want to consider two cakes, one for kitty and one for friends.

For your cat’s cake you will probably want to give her her cake before guests have arrived so she can go nuts on it without any distractions. What qualifies as a “cat birthday cake” is up for discussion so you can do anything from trussing up a can of your cat’s favorite food to crafting a no-cook tuna and chicken “cake,” or even a more involved cooked salmon and cheese cake.

Don’t be offended if your cat doesn’t appreciate your efforts–because, you know, cats. Also, remember people food is a special occasion thing for cats, with their delicate digestive systems and all, so cake should not be a regular thing (and keep in mind some human ingredients are poisonous or toxic to cats). Take pictures or video to share with your cat-loving guests once they have arrived!

For your people, you could order a cake from a pro but you can also try your own hand at baking one–or even making some tasty cupcakes. Either way, decorating all that deliciousness is the best part. Aside from eating it, of course.

You could make this and embellish it with some candy “claws” made of candy knives. Just a suggestion.

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Your cake will sparkle as much as the eyes of your sweet kitty!

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Hopefully this is not how people’s faces will look after tasting your cupcakes.

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5. Plan Activities

These will probably be for your people attendees rather than the guest of honor, who will likely be hidden well away from the action.

Set up a raffle with a kitty-themed prize, gift certificate to a local eatery, or some fancy wine–whatever floats your boat–and let people know the proceeds will be earmarked for local cat protection programs. This can range from a donation to your local animal shelter, a feral cat spay and neuter program, or even a low-income spay and neuter clinic.

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It’s not a party unless there’s a pinata!

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6. Cat Swag Bag

It’s likely that your friends may have cats as well so why not send them home with a little gift from yours to theirs?

Most cats love it.

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The greatest, most affordable cat toy ever created!

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Get a big vat of these and make some little snack packs for your swag bag.

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Anyone who has a cat, or just likes cats, will want their swag in this bag.

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7. Time to Unwind

Finally! Plan to spend some quality time with your birthday cat to unwind after the action is over. This could be a good time to present your pal with a birthday “piece de resistance,” the ultimate cat toy. Since you’ll probably already be documenting the unwrapping, be sure to send pictures or a video to your cat birthday party attendees to thank them for celebrating your special buddy.

Go hi-tech for extra energy kitties. (Our test subject Ramona went crazy for it.)

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This is a great gift for older kitties. Or just lazy kitties.

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Like cats, the classics never go out of style.

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