The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Pet Hair Resistant, Claw Proof, and More (Updated)

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like a human lint roller, when all you wanted was a simple cuddle with your favorite pet? Or how about walking away from a seemingly purrfect encounter with a cat only to find tiny holes in your favorite shirt? That’s why we’re rolling out the best dog mom clothing that can stand up to our furry friends that also lets us enjoy their company.

When it comes to physical contact with cats and dogs, the biggest and most common offender is pet hair and fur. It gets everywhere: in and on clothes, bedsheets, cars, couch cushions, your mouth. Even the most chic, put-together outfit can be rendered shabby with enough hair on it.

Luckily, there’s a bit of a trick to shopping when you have animals (and it’s better than the family size pack of lint rollers). I both A) have a dog and B) successfully dress myself professionally every day—or I’d like to think so—and here is what I’ve learned:

  • In general, fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and satin repel hair like it’s their job. These fabrics are good for light contact with pets.
  • Spandex and synthetic fabrics like nylon and poly blends generally resist shed hair well, with the added benefit of being a little more durable than the more delicate materials above which are more prone to holes.
  • Denim, denim, denim. One of the hardest-working materials in the pet-proof apparel game. Jeans, jackets, skirts: you will get your money’s worth with any of these staples in your wardrobe.
  • Other materials such as leather, faux-leather, and vinyl fabrics also stand up better to wear, tear, and random pouncings from paws with claws.

If you’re looking for specific articles of dog mom clothing that are made of durable or pet hair resistant fabrics, check out the list below of some of the best pieces to consider. Remember, just because you have a pet (or two or three or 10), you don’t have to succumb to a life of wearing parkas and sweats year round! (We wouldn’t judge you if you did, though: we actually wrote the book on it!)

The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Everyday and Work Wear

This article was originally published on October 16, 2019, and was updated on April 21, 2020.

These particular pants are rumored to be pretty good at repelling dog and cat hair, and while we can’t prove that per se, we can claim many a Levi’s fan among the Rover crew.

The rugged denim brand is known for durable, hard-wearing properties that stand up to jumping dogs, nipping puppies, and even flailing claws.

A range of colors and sizes are available.

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You can never have too many button-ups in your closet. Columbia’s high-tech fabric does quadruple duty with: a treated antimicrobial material that protects you against doggie germs; vented and sweat-wicking features; UPF 40 UV protection; and convenient, optional roll-up sleeves for “get ‘er done” jobs often encountered by pet parents.

Available in multiple sizes and a variety of colors for a range of dog moms!

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This faux leather pencil skirt with front seam and back slit is business and party appropriate. Grab a silk or chiffon top, and this whole outfit will not only be trendy—but completely pet hair repellant as well.

Watch as the fur slides right off and pat yourself on the back for your good sense—and style.

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When in doubt, nothing beats a trusty hooded sweatshirt for your pet hangouts. This soft, but durable hoodie is ready for some snuggle time with the fur babies—just brush off the evidence after (or you can always throw it in the washer and dryer).

Another sturdy, pet-ready sweatshirt option we recommend? The unfailing, classic Champion hoodie.

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This tough denim jacket is good for both urban and prairie cowboys and girls, and is a great dog mom clothing layer for casual outfits. Available in two washes, it’s also handy for fending off the chill around the campfire, and fending off the fur of impromptu dog snuggles.

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Another piece of dog mom clothing that helps keep the dog hair away is also a sure-fire wardrobe staple: leggings. Dress ’em up for brunch or dress ’em down to walk the dog.

Made from recycled nylon and elastane, this high-waisted pair also rocks sweat-wicking technology, very few seams, and a hidden pocket.

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Tencel, or lyocell, is a durable material made from cellulose fibers (usually trees or bamboo) and it’s great at repelling pet hair, and even puncture holes from claws. Even though it’s heavier-duty, it feels great to wear and hangs nicely, too.

This dress comes in a variety of sizes and colors; pop it on over some pet-proof leggings and you’ll be on your way.

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Every closet should have a leather (or faux leather) jacket as a staple. It’s like the modern-day gal’s Little Black Dress—but better because it’s both leather and vegan—repelling pet hair like kryptonite.

While some leather and faux leather jackets can get incredibly pricey, this slightly textured one from ModCloth is budget-friendly, and looks just as biker chic with its zipper and epaulets. Also available in taupe.

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This affordable raincoat is an absolute classic, comes in different colors, and is a practical, cute choice for everything from cloudy days at the dog park to a neighborhood stroll.

It’s made of recycled polyester with a water-repellent finish that sheds moisture, along with pet hair.

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Hold the phone, Spanx makes a legging? Thank the Shape Wear and Compressions Gods.

Not only will this tuck and hold in all the right ways, faux leather will—yes, you probably get it by now—stand up to your dog and cat hair and fur. Wear under a dress or just as pants.

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The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Fancy, Formal, Fun

Pet parents get to dress up too, you know—but when your animal lays down on top of your evening wear while you’re curling your hair, you actually want it to be silk, like this party dress (available in different hues)—or taffeta, satin, or chiffon.

Pet hair, dander, and fur tend to slide off these materials. Claw holes, however, are another story…

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Synthetic blended fabrics with higher percentages of polyester and spandex wick hair and fur much easier than others.

Lucky for us, this cute ’60s-inspired dress from Modcloth (also available in navy) is 95 percent polyester and 5 spandex. Dress it down with sandals or white sneakers, or up with heels for date night.

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A sweet floral print on this 100% tencel, button-front dress stands up to both cats and dogs while offering you effortless style. Win-and-win.

Shop at Nordstrom Rack

This tunic dress is light, airy, and comes in seven styles. Oh—and it’s chiffon, which is a wonder fabric when it comes to repelling hair. Just keep your kitties away from it to avoid snags.

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The Best Dog Mom Clothing: Sleepwear

Do you sleep with your animals? Same. While the snuggles are SO real, so are the layers of hair and fur you wake up to.

Slipping on a little lace number not only makes you seem classier (or is that just me?), it also doesn’t pick up nearly as much pet dander as other materials.

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Bonus! The Best Dog Mom…er…Dad Clothing

If you’ve seen a Carhartt jacket in person, you know how incredibly durable they are. Worn one? Heck—a crumbling building couldn’t dent this jacket, let alone a meager cat or dog.

100% rugged cotton and made in the USA, these coats are built tough and ready for wear, whether at the job site or playtime with the pets. (Don’t worry, they make them for gals, too.)

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I can’t get enough of Columbia’s patented fur-wicking—err, I mean sweat-wicking—fabric. Like the women’s long sleeve option listed earlier, the men’s style comes in colors for spring and summer outdoor activities or the office that easily transition into quality hang time with the pet fam.

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Ah, denim. What can’t it do? In this case denim may just replace dog as pet owner’s best friend.

Sturdy and thick, scrapes and holes from little paws and teeth won’t do damage (unless you have a mini-Jaws situation on your hands). The actual fabric of denim also doesn’t track any kind of pet hair, so you can grab those classic Levi 501’s and put that tired lint roller away.

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The Best Dog Mom Clothing: A Handy Accessory

Good for weekend trips, overnights, or the gym—the bag (which comes in a variety of colors) is 100 % polyester, another fabric known for hair and fur-wicking properties.

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Final Thoughts

While keeping your wardrobe free of pet hair and claw holes is an admirable life goal, the reality is that living with pets is often messy and unpredictable. On bright side, our pets bring us so much joy it’s hard to imagine life without them, snags, tears, pet hair and all.

However, with a few common-sense precautions and a sturdy wardrobe, you’ll be one of the best-prepared (and dressed) dog moms on the block.

If you’re looking for other cat and dog mom clothing hacks, consider these ideas:

  • Keep an old fleece or sweater near the door or another handy place to cover up for serious snuggling. My editor calls hers the “falcon glove.” It’ll keep your cats from digging and clawing into your nice clothes (and your skin, too), and you won’t care how much fur gets on it.
  • The blanket technique: When you’re getting cozy on the couch and your furry BFF comes looking for your lap, keep a basket of old throw blankets close to cover up before your fur baby makes his or her grand entrance.

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