The Best Natural and Organic Dog Shampoos for Bath Time Peace of Mind

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There are all kinds of considerations to keep in mind when shopping for dog shampoo: price, quality, size and volume of the product. For many shoppers, a dog shampoo that’s organic is the biggest determining factor, as certified organic dog shampoos are non-toxic and safer for pets and the planet.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular natural and organic dog shampoos, conditioners, and two-in-one products that are available online, to keep your pup squeaky clean and smelling fresh in the most environmentally- and pet-friendly way possible.

The Best Natural and Organic Dog Shampoos for Peace of Mind Bath Time

The USDA has strict certification requirements that ensure products labeled “Made With Organic Ingredients” contain at least 70 percent organic ingredients and products with the “USDA Organic” seal contain no less than  95 percent organic ingredients.

When it comes to bath products and shampoos that are safe and gentle to use in your home and on your pet, organic products offer peace of mind that’s easy to see.

Here are some brands to look for.

Leave your pup smelling like an herb garden! This olive oil-based shampoo has an herbal fragrance that comes from organic essential oils of rosemary and lemongrass.

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People have used honey to clean hair and skin for centuries. Honey contains antimicrobial compounds that combat skin infections and irritation while being gentle on skin. This shampoo uses a combination of coconut and olive oil, aloe vera extract, essential oil of rosemary, and honey that’s superbly safe and gentle on your dog’s coat and skin.

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Not only is 4Legger conditioning shampoo good for dogs—you can use it, too!

This shampoo’s woodsy cedar smell, in combination with a scalp tingle from peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils, might the just the thing to keep you and your pup smelling your best.

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Pet parents love this shampoo for its yummy scent and excellent sudsing properties. Pro Pet Works combines oatmeal protein with aloe vera and skin-friendly vitamins A, D, and E to produce a shampoo that is great for a dog’s skin and leaves her coat soft and shiny.

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Do Try This at Home!

If you want to try your hand at making your own dog shampoo, check out the tutorial below for a few easy recipes to try.

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Natural and Organic Dog Conditioners and Conditioning Shampoos

Earthbath uses skin-soothing oatmeal in combination with coat-conditioning meadowfoam seed oil and shea butter to produce a conditioner that will soften your dog’s coat, soothe itchy skin, and make her hair easier to brush and more manageable.

While it’s not officially certified organic, its natural ingredients are 100% biodegradable and it contains no artificial dyes or synthetic chemicals. It’s also not tested on animals and therefore cruelty-free!

(The matching Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo is a favorite of Rover blog writer and professional dog trainer, Shoshi Parks.)

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Let’s be honest; sometimes I give my dog a bath just because he smells like a dog (or sometimes like several dogs all at once).

This natural deodorizing conditioner uses essential oils of lemon peel and lavender to neutralize odors, and skin conditioners like aloe vera and vitamin E to leave your pup’s skin happy and itch-free.

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Burt’s Bees Hydrating Conditioner for Dogs works to reduce skin itching and make your dog’s coat soft and shiny. With ingredients that include coconut oil, honey, and beeswax, this conditioner will leave your dog smelling amazing and oh-so-soft to the touch.

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Clean and condition in one step with Only Natural Pet’s lavender and thyme-infused 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Softening ingredients include both kelp serum and honey, and pet parents love the soft feel and herbal fragrance of their dog’s coats after a scrub down!

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For the pup with sensitive skin, Buddy’s Best shampoo and conditioner has a low-fragrance formula with skin conditioning ingredients including almond oil, coconut, vanilla bean, shea butter, and aloe vera.

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Fragrant, herbal, and tingly, this mint and lavender-scented conditioner contains several oils to condition your dog’s coat, including rosehip, kukui nut, and olive. For dogs who need frequent brushing, this conditioner is a great addition to your grooming regimen, because it will make her coat so much softer and easier to brush.

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