The Instafamous Pets We All Desperately Need Right Now


Life may be full of complications and uncertainty, but one thing we can all agree on is that our pets make everything better, especially when hamming it up for the camera.

So, in the spirit of public service during these uncertain times, we conducted an unofficial internal poll to round up this list of some of the cutest and most awwwww-inspiring pets on Instagram you should probably be following right now.

The next time you need a break from the headlines, toggle over to see what one of these adorable, lovable, and hilarious creatures—from cats and dogs to sugar gliders, alpacas, and foxes—are up to. We guarantee it’ll be way better than your news feed.

The Instagram Pet Accounts We All Desperately Need Right Now

Meet Chewy! As her owners point out, this quirky pup looks like a cross between a dog, sloth, and owl. In other words: Adorable!

We love how artist Amelia Rizky makes digital watercolors from funny cat poses. Just click a post and slide to see the original photo!

I don’t know why, but he kinda looks like a Mork, right? This lovable, mixed-breed rescue is sure to put a smile on your face.

Is these dogs could talk—well, Stella kinda can! Speech-language pathologist, Christina Hunger, posts fascinating videos teaching her Catahoula/Blue Heeler mix how to communicate. Mind blown!

Clearly, we’re still obsessed with The Wind in the Willows—and maybe it’s all the super itty bitty tiny toad-sized things, too.

Influencer account—but make it corgi! All the corgi cuteness, plus some pretty dreamy photography.

Featuring the sweet kitties of Milo’s Sanctuary, which rescues abused and special needs cats. We get a little teary seeing these kitty cats thrive in their new, loving environment.

Talk about cutest pets! Mr. Jack is just living his best Labrador life—and we’re pretty jealous, actually.

This playful pitty has a knack for outfits and brightening spirits.

Snakey’s just a ball python who happens to love adventures in tiny hats. Ya know, like pythons do 🙂

Yep, ok the name tracks. This pint sized pup’s face provides majorly hilarious expressions.

Sure, Atchoum may seem fancy, but he’s got #catproblems just like any feline.

Shar-Pei all day! We just want to squiiiish that sweet face!

We dare you not to squeal while scrolling through this account of an adorable Doxie and her pups.

Strike a pose! The camera sure loves sugar gliders, Reggie and Frost.

If your idea of heaven is sunset hikes with your dog, then this is the account for you!

Is it weird to be jealous of a cat? Call us Suki if you need a buddy for your next adventure.

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The face that launched a thousand follows (more like over one hundred thousand follows!).

What’s better than one golden? Two goldens! Jake & Addie = couple goals.

Our fave foxy! This super stinkin’ cute account follows Juniper the fox and other animals rescued from injury and neglect.

Gatsby the corgi is so on fleek that he even has his own very adorable vlog!

Sure to give you a giggle, this rating account boasts all kinds of cute dogs—and they’re all rated above 10!

Sloths. Need we say more? I mean, have you ever seen BABY SLOTHS?!?!

Look, it’s just Doug the Pug’s world and we’re all livin’ in it.

As an orange tabby owner, I admit I’m partial to Carrot. Gotta love a kitty with personality!

The thing about Finley is, he really loves to play with balls. Like, he can fit six of them in his mouth.

The fluffy wuffy alpaca of our dreams! We wish our neighborhood had an Alfie.

Ok, so Bertie’s a little awkward. Who isn’t?

Last but not least, our Rover insta is pretty great for all things cute animals, too 🙂

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Feature Image: by @petnannypr featured on @roverdotcom

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